Woodworking and Secret Project Photos

Rifle Rack



Lodgepole Frame, Offset 90s, 4x6


Low Profile Jewelry Rack and Barnwood frames



Aspen Jewelry Racks
Lodgepole pine back, aspen and willow accents


Hot Tub Towel Rack
Pine Board Back with Diamond Willow Pegs

Wedding Frame
Lodgepole Pine

Will Luxbacher's Bed
Constructed Entirely of Aspen (Both Peeled and 'Skinned')

Sunburst Headboard
Aspen, Lodgepole Pine, and Diamond Willow (Built on Commission for Elizabeth Tipton)

Rustic Adirondack Chair
The seat supports and middle back rest are Lodepole Pine
everything else is local aspen!

Aspen legs; the seat is an ugly board I found at the dump
and shined up...turned out beautiful!


Sunburst Bed, for Court's Birthday
Aspen, Cottonwood, Lodgepole Pine, and Diamond Willow

Barnwood base, diamond willow




Coat Rack
Fence Post Back, Aspen Pegs

New Backsplash
Ripped gross old tile backsplash / Routed out groove for extending electric line to an extra receptacle / Assembled some old barwood; planed, sanded, stained, and sealed it / Installed, still need GFI and cover



Supports are all fine-sanded aspen, shelves are hand cut lodgepole pine I rescued from the dump and planed and sanded until they looked and felt really nice. Coated with Tung Oil.

2 Stools
Lefty is completely fashioned of barnwood, while righty has lodgepole pine for a seat, aspen for legs, and diamond willow for a back rest.

Wall Lamp
Bottom shelf is barnwood, rest of lamp is diamond willow. Obviously I either need to do some trimming or get a smaller or large lampshade.

Stool (with back this time)
Lodgepole seat with aspen everything else

Coffee Table
Barnwood from the old bunkhouse

Dad's Desk, March 19
Basically done except for some more urethane on the desktop. I added a keyboard drawer and shelf/letter-rack system to support Dad's answering machine and printer.

Dad's Desk, March 18
Well it's starting to look like a desk now, so that's a plus. Since I don't ever "plan" any of my work, it can occasionally take me a while to get it just right. The cabinet/shelf on the right hand side looks simple but it took forever to figure out and execute. Anyways, I really think everything is coming along well, and I'm especially happy with the secret (not anymore) hidden compartment on the upper right.


Dad's Desk, March 17
It's coming along, but beginning to make a mess of the formerly spotless garage.
I still need to build a shelf system on the right-hand side, do some more sanding,
and stain everything that isn't going to be left aged.

Dad's Desk, March 16
Very Much in Progress

Barn Bar, March 3
The Front is Nearly Done!

The Barn Bar, In Progress, Feb 23
You can kinda see where I'm going with this picture.

Small Sunset Frame
Barnwood frame with plexiglass (that white line is just the sunglare)

The Barn Bar, In Progress
So far just the skeleton is mostly complete, it should
look completely different (if all things go as planned
[planned=made up as I go along]) when it is done. You can also see
some of the wiring advancements made in the barn during the fall....
yes, that is a chandelier. In the BARN.

Chief Mountain House Bed
100% Aspen, with neato diseased wood, worm burrows, and other abnormalities

New Lamp
Barnwood Base, the lamp itself is made from a really neat piece of diseased aspen, complete with worm burrows

Buffalo Bill Frame
2x2 Barnwood Scraps

End Table (On the left)
Barnwood Tabletop, Aspen Legs and Supports

Barnwood Seat and Legs, Aspen Supports

Claire's Stool
Barndood Seat, Aspen "Backrest" and Legs

Magazine Holder
Tongue and Groove Pine Panelling with the door from an ancient freezer

Courtney's Wall-Hanging-Thingamajig
Courtney asked me to make something that she could hang stuff from with hooks and knicknacks....so here is what evolved.
(Barnwood Back, Aspen Rack, Old Door Handle hanger, Old Leather Strap Hanger, Split Fence Post with Wire for Sunlasses/Earing, and a cow jaw because why not)

Johnson Family Burial Plot
Frame of ancient fence posts similar to those on the Johnson's ridge

Thumb In Dike
Barnwood back-frame and stained aspen front-frame

Courtney's Jewelry Box
Barnwood with aspen accents

Stool #1
Aspen Legs, Cottonwood seat

Stool #2
Aspen Legs, Cottonwood seat

Stool #3
Old Fencepost Legs, Cottonwood seat

Stool #4
Aspen Legs, Cottonwood seat

In the Cabin

Made for Jasmine's birthday

RanchWagon Shelf & Key Rack
Backing is Barnwood, Rack is Aspen, "RanchWagon" is chrome from old 50s Ford RanchWagon

Lamp #1

Lamp #2
Barnwood Base, Aspen Stem

Shingled with shakes from the old bunkhouse

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